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"Everything you need to grow your business"

EspreeNet.Com - can help if your business does not have connectivity to the Internet. With our large network, we provide service in every major city in the country. You will never have to worry about finding a local access number while traveling or having premium service at home.

Team Espree Design - is a site content-creation service. Online content can include advertisements, product information, announcements, news, software, graphics, and electronic presentations.

EspreeNet Maintenance - covers any changes, updates, additions, and deletions performed by our development team for your site. Our team has the expertise to accurately maintain your site efficiently and on a timely basis. Our maintenance programs are sold in affordable units.

EspreeNet Hosting - is available for those who don't have their own servers. You will have your own EspreeNet control panel to setup directories and monitor how many hits your site received during any given month.

EspreeNet News Service - is an attempt by Esfam Corporation to provide a source of news out of the main stream control and ideaology. Yes, you are free to send news stories to espreenet news for distribution to other news sources.

EspreePC Company - will design, manufacture, and network personal computers and servers for small to med sizes companies.

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